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ManufacturerPart NoDescriptionAvailablePrice 
Tektronix156-0921-01IC 25$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-0933-00IC 8$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-0956-02IC 23$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-0985-01IC 2$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-0989-02IC 5$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1114-00IC 1$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1127-01IC 1$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1134-00IC 25$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1134-01IC 25$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1151-00IC 2$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1152-00IC 10$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1156-00IC 14$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1160-00+12VDC REG 21$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1161-00IC 10$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1172-01IC 9$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1173-00IC 7$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1190-00IC 28$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1191-01IC 19$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1195-01IC 5$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1200-00IC 9$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1200-01IC 9$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1207-00IC 2$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1211-00IC 4$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1220-01IC 1$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1243-00IC 26$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1263-00IC 7$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1268-01IC 30$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1272-00IC 23$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1277-00IC 13$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1294-00IC 9$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1297-00IC 2$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1335-00IC 1$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1342-00VLSI 3$25.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1346-00IC 5$15.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1362-00IC 2$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1408-00IC 20$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1408-01IC 6$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1414-01IC 2$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1429-01IC 2$7.50Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1432-00IC 10$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1444-01IC 2$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1486-00IC 1$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1535-00IC 1$25.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1539-00IC 1$25.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1585-02IC 5$5.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1611-00IC 10$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1627-00IC 19$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1635-00IC 6$15.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1639-01IC 7$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1640-01IC 10$10.00Add to Cart
Tektronix156-1646-00IC 10$10.00Add to Cart
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